The Forever Smile

The Annalee and the Forever Smile project was an exercise in exploratory multi-media storytelling begun in 2013. It’s not done, and maybe it never will be. The project consists of documentary style video making, a collection of concept music, themes and artwork and a novel and screenplay to be released in the future.
The story started with a song, Annalee, that became an album, The Forever Smile, written by Ken and Bassist Lucas Gould. The band, Gatsby’s Green Light, was rounded out by Hari Ganglberger on drums and William Earley on guitar.

The idea was simple – can I tell a story with music, images and other media about the great beauties and challenges I see in the world. The task was much more challenging. Annalee became this character to represent what I felt was a re-awakening occurring in the western world to the power and importance of nature. The story was about her journey on the path of awakening and what would be asked of her once she got there. The idea grew and became the Forever Smile album and eventually a book and screenplay in progress. At each stage, the project took me deeper, becoming more challenging and more fulfilling at once. I dare say, I’ve had no greater personal exploration than writing this book and I look forward to the day when I can share that journey with others.

This video was produced when the ideas we’re still forming and I was still very much learning about music and sustainability. I was searching for this theme of reclaiming, and how we could use it to recreate a world that worked for all life. Music had touched me deeply but I didn’t understand it fully then, and still don’t today. The way I do feel about it today is music instructed me as to nature’s beauty and vice versa. They are both complete in one another and seem to be the perfect form of communication. I’m still learning and I don’t think that will every stop. That’s the beauty after all.