Let me first just say what I stand for. I feel music is very important. I feel blessed to have been able to make music with so many wonderful people in so many equally wonderful places. Music warms my heart when it aches and fills my soul in times of doubt. Music inspires me and fills my life with color and meaning. I also love nature and think, like music, its’ very important. I defend both of these things I love fiercely. Children come packaged with these loves, and I’ve been lucky to reclaim them. I defend music and nature so children in the future can enjoy both. We can only try, and never give up, to accomplish the things we think are important. I’m just doing the best that I can. I’m honored by anyone whose read, listened or smiled in my direction. I hope I can do the same for you.



Ken Coulson Bio: Ken began to record and perform in 2008 and has recorded and released multiple albums through the label Sonic Bomb.

2016 – The Gather By video and single is released as a pre-cursor to a series of multi-media singles, video and artwork in support of the global change movement.

2014 – Gatsby’s Green Light released The Forever Smile, a writing collaboration between Ken and bassist, Lucas Gould featuring virtuoso band members Hari Ganglberger on Drums and William Earley on guitar. The album  was recorded and mixed by Steve Hansen at hi-top studios.

2013 – Gatsby’s Green Light releases the Annalee EP and Video

2012 – Ken releases the solo effort, Gatsby’s Green Light forming the foundation for the collaborative collective. The album features Paul Stivitz (Dispatch) on drums and other.

2011 – Ken performs a solo tour with 15 dates down the east coast.

2010 – Ken’s Folk collaboration, OCJB, releases Grow featuring a collaboration with Kim and Ray Bryant.

2008-2010 – The rock funk group Kite, featuring Ray Bryant on Bass and Hari Ganglberger on Drums releases 3 albums, Exercise in Levitation, Space Guitar and Kite LP produced, mixed and mastered by Alex Theoret of Threatened Productions.

Ken’s performing highlights include the Fall Down Festival (Dopapod, Shakedown, Superhuman Happiness) and Circles on Sounds Festival (Cabinet, Alpace Gnomes, Haley Jane & the Primates) with Gatsby’s Green Light. Ken was a collaborative producer of the Circles on Sounds festival. Ken performed at Stamford CT’s Alive at Five with Kite and has performed at Norwalk CT’s Live Green Festival four years in a row.

Ken has supported strong community and his advocacy of sustainability performing as a soloist at dozens of farmer’s markets, in support of the Working Lands Alliance (WLA) and for two consecutive years at the CT Northeast Organic Farmers Association Winter Conference (CT NOFA).

Ken is an ASCAP artist and WGA screenwriters guild member with over 100 writing credits.

Ken’s company, Future Bright, is a Sustainability company working to promote social and environmental restoration through multiple channels. Future Bright promotes both for-profit and non-profit clean food and energy projects, sustainable investment themes and the adoption of diet based healthcare.