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The Hope Music Video

The Hope by Ken Coulson is a song about a little girl who can change the world for the better. Inspired by a few closest to me but dedicated to all children, mothers, nurturers, planet defenders, water protectors and voices everywhere promoting opportunity for the next generation.



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About the song: Fusing Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin & Cello, driving drums and vocals both honest and ethereal – the is a folk pop anthem for modern times written in the spirit of Jerry Garcia, the Avett Brothers and Dave Matthews. The mantra of ‘This girl can change the world’ resonates as every parent’s dream along with a global plea of ‘Get together now’ in the songs uplifting finale. I chose to work with Escape Animation out of Nepal for the animated video, which follows our protagonist from her early, peaceful days in nature, through some of the rigors of modern life, on through to her coming-of-age as a crafter of a sustainable world with strong community. I chose the Lotus Flower as the symbol to represent The Hope, as it represents hope, coming together and re-birth in various cultures.




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Album Credits

Ken Coulson – Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin

Hari Ganglberger – Drums, Percussion, Piano

Kate Flanigan – Vocals

Richard Vaudrey – Cello

Tracy Coulson – Vocals

Mixed and Mastered by Alex Theoret, Threatened Pro

Video by Escape Animation & Deepak Limbu, NEPAL

Artwork by Allie Rose

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