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Gather By Music Video

Enjoy Ken Coulson’s new Music Video, ‘Gather By’, an anthem for children and the earth and if you like download & stream.

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Gather By is a song by Ken Coulson written in support of the Global Change Movement. ‘Gather By’ by Ken Coulson – Official Music Video promotes equality and social and environmental justice. In the video, we chose the symbol Cho Rei Ku, which means ‘Place the Power of the Universe Here’ to represent the song. Join the mailing list for exclusive first look at new media:




Fusing articulate drumming with banjo, fretless bass, guitar and vocals, Gather By delivers a simple message of ‘Come Together, Erase Hate, It’s Our Time to Choose.’ Featuring powerful imagery of melting icecaps, solar farms, Bernie Sanders and the global community coming together in support of climate progress – Gather By acts as an anthem fusing powerful ideas at a time of critical need. Ken Coulson is a musician and advocate for sustainability working in both economic and creative realms. His creative work lives at Ken’s company, Future Bright, promotes deployment of clean food and energy solutions and social and environmental restoration.

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