Ken Coulson

Welcome to the Barn


Welcome to The Barn Where You (I) Store My Things; that means, here is where I put the creative things that I am doing. I live in a barn… well, you get it.

First there’s the music. I have curated a rock-jam project called Gatsby’s Green Light that plays material from 3 albums released over 2011-2014. I have released 2 solo albums and will be recording a 3rd in 2018 with 18 new songs. This material is inspired by many of my influences in New American Roots and Folk music. I am also forming an Avett Brother’s Tribute band called No Enemies to perform songs of a band I find highly important for our time. I love to perform and entertain people with music. When I play solo acoustic, if I’m not playing one of my tunes, I’ll be strumming Avetts, Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Paul Simon, Johnny Cash and other greats. Hope to see you on the road.

Booking and Media


(203) 918-2871

Label: Sonic Bomb LLC


Here are some of the other things I store:

  • In 2012, I started writing a novel and it’s still going. An amazing, time-deepen-er and I think I’m almost finished. You’ll find an excerpt with an audio version here soon.
  • When I was writing said book – two amazing animals, my loyal and quirky cats, kept me company. There were many interaction and a story unfolded. This story became, Freelines and Softpaws, an animated screenplay for children focusing on love and loss, working together, diversity and overcoming challenges.
  • I plan to add some artwork from my novel when it becomes available and maybe some general sketching I’ve been working on.
  • I’ll be sure to tell you more, when I have it!





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